International MBA Program
Paris experience, World impact


MBA is based on a well-defined pedagogy: case studies, situational exercises, monitoring projects, activity reports, and professional memoirs. Our MBA allows the students to develop their professional network as well as the soft skills essential to their professional practice. Because our goal is professional specialization, students in initial training must complete six months of internship. The MBA allows them to develop their professional network as well as the soft skills essential to their professional practice. 

This program includes technical modules on the major management science disciplines and may also include one or two specialized modules. There are also MBAs that specialize in a specific market or discipline.


Part of the course is taught in English. Personal and research papers can be prepared and written in English. Depending on the student’s preferences, the proportion of teaching in English will be 80%. 

MBA calendar for international students

An MBA calendar has been adapted for international students. It is made up of 4 sessions.


Pre-entry : Welcome and Refurbishment

A welcome period during which students will undergo intensive training in French language and civilization, as well as a disciplinary refresher.

Two sessions of this welcome period take place depending on the arrival date of the students:

  • October to December 
  • January-March 



  • Semester A: 10 weeks of lessons + 2 weeks of exams between April and June
  • Semester B: 10 weeks of lessons + 2 weeks of exams between October and December


Professional project and writing of a research project

A period of 3 months is devoted to writing a professional research project. This consists of the following elements:

  • Skills assessment
  • Market analysis
  • Analysis of his future profession and his job market
  • Benchmarking and business valuation
  • Construction of a problem and structuring of research axes
  • Field survey hypotheses and methodology
  • Bibliography / Websites

Students who have joined the start of the October academic year will do this work during the January-February period.

Students who joined the start of the March school year will do this work during the July-September period.

Internship or professional experience

Students, regardless of their start date of training, will end it with a 6-month internship which will lead to an internship thesis based on both the professional research project, the internship and the Classes.

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