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The MBA program includes a common core of technical and practical courses in management sciences, economics and business law. These lessons take the form of practical cases, case studies, structured notes, technical sheets, press reviews and concrete projects. Most of the training is provided by professionals with real business experience. These consultants, executives, or company founders bring their experience and their network to the students of our school.

A multi-disciplinary professional training program


Specializations adapted to the students’ professional projects

IS-DBA offers 5 specialization tracks. These have been defined according to recent and future developments in the professions and markets. Each specialization includes specific technical modules. Professionalization is reinforced by the internship, which can take the place of a salaried employment, the creation of a company or a field research. A research study on the students’ professional project allows them to develop a better understanding of their professional objectives and the steps required to achieve them.

Options to open up to other specializations

Students must choose two options per semester in the other specialization tracks. This choice allows students to develop additional skills, such as taking courses in digital marketing, while having chosen a specialization in business creation.

Continuation of studies in DBA or PhD

After completing an MBA, students who wish to do so can continue their studies towards a PhD. DBA is the most logical choice. The student extends his or her professional thesis as well as the MBA seminars into the professional thesis and the DBA seminars. This allows the student to extend his or her MBA specialization into the same DBA specialization.

It is also possible to pursue a PhD. The PhD is a classic doctorate in a single discipline (management sciences, or economics, or law, or political science, or applied mathematics.

Professional insertion and careers

The MBA is a springboard for promotion in a company, a help in creating a company or a training that accelerates the process of obtaining a first job. 

Career opportunities vary depending on the specialization.

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