A year to an MBA
Une année vers le MBA


Around a core curriculum and specific options

In our MBA, 5 specializations are offered to students to choose from, in order to consider the essential areas of study.

While the core curriculum covers both general and international knowledge, the electives will allow you to experience these business skills firsthand.

Practical and realistic method

Aiming at concrete and up-to-date case studies, you will apply the knowledge acquired in present and future situations in the business world.

After having more clearly defined your professional objectives, you will then join a work and study team teaching you the essential technical and organizational skills. 

In the seminar, students create and share their vision for future economy.

Customize your BBS

Through a variety of courses chosen for their precision, the student will be able to acquire the knowledge and personality essential to his success. Students will be able to refine their projects through contact with experienced managers and teachers.

Program structure

Semestre 2

Volume horaire / ECTS


UE1: Langues et actualité

Français, méthodologie et culture générale

Séminaires en anglais des affaire

Actualité économique, institutionnelle, 

culturelle et technologique

60 / 9

25 / 3

15 / 3

20 / 3

UE2: Tronc commun disciplinaire

Introduction au droit public 

(institutions et régimes politiques)

Histoire des idées politiques, économiques 

et scientifiques

Introduction à la macroéconomie 

(politiques macroéconomiques)

60 / 6

20 / 2


20 / 2


20 / 2


UE3: Professionnalisation

20 / 5

Au choix de l’étudiant

  • Stage de 3 mois et rédaction d’un rapport de stage
  • Création d’entreprise et rédaction d’un mémoire
  • Mémoire de recherche basé sur une enquête de terrain

UE4: Enseignements optionnels de spécialisation

60 / 10

+ Option 1 

+ Option 2 

  • Digital marketing
  • Médiation culturelle
  • Développement durable et responsabilité sociétale des entreprises 
  • Géographie et aménagement du territoire, histoire du temps présent
  • Mathématiques appliquées
  • Analyse sectorielle d’un marché spécifique
  • Management de projet évènementiel

Total Semestre 2

200 / 30

Program outline

Each semester includes a variable number of modules. Few of them are in the form of lectures, most of them are seminars, practical work, tutorials, practical activities and research based on professional immersion.
It is therefore more a question of building know-how and interpersonal skills than bibliographic knowledge. Employability is increased through internships and research work.

modules taught

A triple objective of the course:

  1. Build a general economic culture, societal and institutional allowing to analyze the issues current issues, that they are on the imperatives of development development, openness digital transformation and new technologies.

  2. Contribute to the development of skills techniques practices corresponding to current business needs.

  3. Promote the development of the network professional as well as well as a socialization necessary to obtain the first job, as well as to the evolution of career.