Global Leadership and Cultural diversity

The emergence of globalization and diversity brings out new demands for leaders.
We should become global leaders who develop new skills and abilities to lead in multicultural environments.
This paper discusses how to develop global leadership with a different set of competencies in diverse situations.

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who has confronted the difficulties of creating a business, developing and managing the daily life of the company.
The ability to accompany students in the realization of the project of creating a business.

Our students, coming from various cultures, professional and personal experiences, represent the richness of a dynamic school, open to the world.

This is how IS-DBA Business School trains passionate people, inspired and inspirational economic players who yearn for meaning, and are fully capable of building tomorrow’s society.

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IS-DBA’s administrators aimed to create a program that reflects their vision of a professional education that combines, 

practical training, career network development, methodological and technical instruction, general culture with academic research. 

By choosing this program, you are choosing a general management science program that does not neglect general culture and academic research.




François Debernard

Founding President CEO
Head of School

Teaching area
Strategic and operational management, sociological theories in human resources management, business law, history of present time, general knowledge

Yan Bartel

Founding associate
Research Director

Teaching area
Mathematical modeling, mathematical economics, sustainable developpement economics, epistemology, international politics

Emilie Grossmann

Vice President
Professor of sustainable development

Teaching area
Relation des publics au Museum, Animation avec une association, organisation en réseau des clients

Core faculty


Professor of digital marketing
counsel for students

Teaching area
Generate traffic and sales, strategic analysis, Content Marketing, Influence Marketing, Lead Acquisition

Louise Mercier

Professor of Cultural tourism - History of art

Teaching area
Relation of the public to the Museum, Animation with an association, organization in network of the customers